The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Clashes continue in al-Zabadani city and its eastern Mountain, and deaths and wound in in shelling targeted Damascus

Rif Dimashq Province:

It rose to 4 the number of Islamic factions fighters who died in the ongoing clashes between Hezbollah, the Fourth Division and NDF against the Islamic Factions and local gunmen, in the Zabadani city and its eastern Mountain, after an attack by the Islamic Factions and local gunmen on a checkpoints for Hezbollah and Fourth Division at northeastern outskirts of the city, also died a woman died affected by wounds she had in the shelling by the regime forces on places in the town of Madaya, while the regime forces renewed the shelling on places in al-Marj area in the Eastern Ghouta, also places in the town of Jesrin were bombed by the regime forces, but no information about casualties, while two mortar shells fell on places in the area al-Sayyeda Zaynab south of the capital, which led to the death of a child at least and wounded others, as well as material damage in the area.


Damascus province:

A child died affected by injuries he had when several mortar shells landed on areas in al-Tahrir Square a few days ago, while a man from al-Yarmouk camp died due to lack of necessary medication and treatment and poor living conditions south of the capital.