The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

In flagrant violation | Ankara-backed factions seize about 4,000 olive trees by force of arms in Afrin villages and districts

Aleppo province: “Al-Sultan Murad” faction seized 3,300 olive trees in Kutanli village in Bulbul district in Afrin countryside, belonging to a civilian forcibly displaced to the northern countryside of Aleppo. The faction also imposed royalties of 2% of the olive crop, and looted them by force of arms, under the pretext of Supporting Gaza resistance.
Two commanders of the “Ninth Division” faction also seized 70 olive trees with force of arms, belonging to a forcibly displaced civilian, near Sikh Blu area in Rajo district in Afrin countryside.
In addition, 300 olive trees were seized by two leaders of “Suqour Al-Shimal” faction in Chikhurzah village in Bulbul, belonging to a civilian forcibly displaced to the areas of Aleppo countryside, where the seizure operation took place after raiding his land, accompanied by a number of members, to intimidate them.
Moreover, members of “Suqour Al-Shimal” faction stole about 15 olive burlap sacks by force of arms, belonging to civilians from Abudan village in Bulbul district in Afrin countryside, in addition to imposing royalties on olive crops in the same village in exchange for harvesting their crops.
In Maabatli district, a leader of the 112th Brigade seized the crop of 200 olive trees in Demlia village, by force of arms, which belong to a forcibly displaced civilian.
Furthermore, gunmen cut down 16 olive trees in Shiah district after stealing their crops, which belong to a civilian from Khaziana village in Maabatli district.
Meanwhile, in Afrin countryside, 125 olive trees were cut down by gunmen of the Ankara-backed factions, coinciding with “Al-Hamzat” faction cutting down 128 trees, including 100 pomegranate trees and 18 nut trees.