The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Primary toll | Ten casualties in I*E*D expl*osion in a truck in Afrin City

A person died and nine others were injured as primary toll, due to the explosion of an IED inside a truck at the entrance of Al-Qaws Station in Afrin City, where the injured people were taken to the military hospital in Afrin City.

This coincided with the mobilization of the military forces, the Military Police and the Civil Police in Afrin City, where the road to the city was cut.

A few hours ago, a violent explosion was heard in Afrin City and northern Aleppo countryside within the “Olive Branch” Operation areas, due to an IED explosion in a truck at the entrance of Afrin City from the side of A’zaz City near “Al-Qaws” Station of the Military and Civil Police, leaving people injured.

On November 11, a member of “Jaysh al-Sharqiya” faction of the pro-Turkey “National Army” was killed, and another was injured, following an armed attack carried out by unknown people using pistols with silencers, on a military checkpoint belonging to the faction near Al-Hamam village in Jinderes countryside, within “Olive Branch” area in the northern countryside of Aleppo.