The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

In two weeks | Regime forces shoot down 11 drones attacking military positions near “Putin-Erdogan” area

HTS escalated military activity with drones on positions of the regime during the first half of November, in continuation to the series of attacks in response to the bloody escalation by the regime forces and Russia following the attack on the Military Academy in Homs that left dozens of officers and their families killed.

HTS and opposition factions work on improving and developing the drones used for scouting and launching attacks with bombs.

Earlier today, regime forces shot down four drones of HTS by anti-aircraft missiles, while attempting to attack positions of regime forces in Latakia and Aleppo countryside.

On November 14, SOHR sources reported that the regime forces confronted with ground anti-aircraft missiles to a drone of HTS in Aleppo airspaces, where it was attempting to carry out attacks against regime forces positions inside the city.
On November 13, SOHR sources reported that regime forces shot down a drone, while flying over Jurin town in Hama countryside.
According to reliable SOHR sources, the drone was loaded with explosive bombs, and it was launched from areas controlled by Hayyaat Tahrir Al-Sham and opposition factions within “Putin-Erdogan” area.