The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

With coming of winter | Displaced people of Ras Al-Ain in Washokani camp suffer from lack of basic life necessities and marginalization by humanitarian organisations

Washokani camp in Al-Hasakah countryside, which houses displaced people from Ras Al-Ain city, suffers from a very bad reality, as it suffers from a shortage of basic services, including problems of poor sanitation in light of the difficult conditions with the beginning of winter, which exacerbates the suffering of the camp’s residents. This reality and poor sanitation around the tents, helps the spread of diseases and epidemics, with a lack of the support from humanitarian organisations.
Residents suffer from the lack of privacy in the use of shared bathrooms, which negatively affects the psychology of the residents of the camp. They also suffer from the lack of support from humanitarian organisations regarding the renewal of the tent coverings, which have become very old and most of them are torn and allow rain to enter the tents, with poor purchasing power for people to renew them at their own expense.
People, in this cold and rainy climates, suffer from not being provided with fuels for heating to protect them from the winter cold, in addition to the shortage of children’s winter clothing, including coats and shoes, as most children still wear summer shoes that do not protect them from the camp mud and the winter cold.
It is noted that the camp was established after the residents were displaced from their homes and villages by the Turkish forces and their proxies by aggressing Ras Al-Ain “Sere Kaniyeh” city, occupying it, and looting houses and property.