The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Daily death toll | Five persons killed on November 21 across Syria

Further details of fatalities, documented by SOHR, can be summarised as follows:

Two members of the National Defence were killed and four others were seriously injured, including one critical condition, following the eruption of an armed clash between regime members and the militias loyal to them on the one hand, and members of “ISIS” on the other hand, where two of the injured were taken to the military hospital in Deir Ezzor for treatment, and two to Homs National Hospital.

Residents found the body of a civilian who was field executed and directly shot by unknown gunmen, between the Al-Muzayrib town and Tafas city in the western countryside of Daraa. The civilian was from Al-Muzayrib town, and did not belong to any military entity.

A young man died affected by the wounds he sustained after being shot by unidentified gunmen on a motorbike, in Al-Mazirib Town north western of Daraa, where he died in Daraa National Hospital.

A member of HTS of Al-Fath Al-Mubin Operation Room was killed under the artillery shelling by the regime forces on southern frontlines of Al-Zawiyah Mountain.