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Supported by International Coalition planes | Security units ki*ll “Emir Al-Zakaa” and arrest two IS*IS members in Al-Hasakah

Rapid Intervention Forces of the Internal Security Forces “Al-Asayesh” carried out a security operation with the support of the “International Coalition.”

The forces clashed with a group of members of ISIS in Al-Shaddadi countryside in Al-Hasakah and managed to kill a commander, who is Iraqi and labeled “Emir Al-Zokaa”, arrested two other members and confiscated an amount of weapons.

On November 21, anti-terrorism units arrested an ISIS member yesterday in a security operation in Al-Karama Town in Al-Raqqa countryside, with aerial support by the “International Coalition” forces.

The arrested member is accused of “smuggling young ISIS members to areas of Turkish forces (Peace Spring) areas in coordination with a smuggling network”, from the camps that shelter thousands of ISIS families in Al-Hawl and Rouj.

On November 12, the Anti-Terrorism Units “YAT” of SDF, carried out a security operation, in Al-Raqqah city, within the areas held by the “Autonomous Administration”. During the operation, they arrested a prominent leader of “ISIS”, after following up and monitoring his movements in the region.

The leader is called “Khaled Al-Shami”, and served as a former military deputy with the organisation. He is also considered one of the most prominent officials responsible for carrying out attacks in SDF-held areas in northeastern Syria, especially in the attack on Al-Sinaah prison in 2022.