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To win over the people | Russian Reconciliation Centre distributes humanitarian supplies on residents in Deir Ezzor and Lattakia

Deir Ezzor province: The Russian Reconciliation Centre distributed humanitarian supplies on residents of Al-Tabiya Jazera Town within regime-held areas in Dier Ezzor countryside, where the supplies covered 300 families in the town and they comprised sugar, rice, flour, tea and oil, while the centre also provided medicine to the patients.

Yesterday, the Russian Reconciliation Centre distributed nearly six tons of humanitarian supplies on residents of Shamiya Al-Mohbala Village in Lattakia countryside.

The Russian reconciliation centre distributed 300 food baskets and three tons of winter clothes to residents in Dalei village in Daraa province.
The baskets contained sugar, tea, rice and flour.
This came in light of the attempts by Russia to woo residents and gain support.