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After being shelled seven times | US forces conduct exercises and transport advanced equipment through planes to a military base in Al-Hasakah

Al-Hasakah province: The International Coalition forces brought military reinforcements to bases in north eastern of Syria, where an American cargo plane carrying advanced weaponry, missiles and military and logistic equipment landed in Kharab Al-Jeir Base in Ramilan countryside northern of Al-Hasakah for the second consecutive day.

Moreover, the US forces and SDF conducted military exercises in the base, using heavy weapons including recently-arrived weapons.

It is worth noting that the base was targeted seven times by the “Islamic Resistance” in the campaign of “Revenge for Gaza”, coinciding with the Israeli war on Gaza since October.

Yesterday, International Coalition Forces and SDF conducted military exercises with live ammunition and heavy weapons in the International Coalition base in Tel Bayder in northern Al-Hasakah countryside, amid striking fake targets to raise combat readiness.
This coincided with the landing of a cargo plane of International Coalition Forces at Kharab Al-Jair base in Rumailan countryside in northern Al-Hasakah.
The plane carried advanced military equipment, including anti-aircraft missiles, ammunition and logistical materials.