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After attack on security headquarters | Regime forces impose curfew in Deir Ezzor City

Deir Ezzor province: Regime forces imposed curfew for motorbikes in Deir Ezzor City and confiscated some of the motorbikes in the streets.

The curfew is imposed on motorbikes for 12 hours from seven pm to seven am, amid strict security investigation of the passengers.

This comes after the attack on the criminal security headquarters with grenades, by unidentified people on motorbikes, where exchanged shooting took place between them.

Regime forces accuse people in eastern Deir Ezzor countryside, who came from SDF-held areas due to the clashes a few weeks ago, for “being responsible for the attack.”

Members of a joint patrol of the regime forces arrested a member of the “National Defence” militia in Al-Joura Neighbourhood in Deir Ezzor, for “resisting the patrols and drug dealing.”

The suspect is considered the companion of the head of the “National Defence” militia “Feras Al-Jiham.”

On November 22, two members of the National Defence militia were killed in Al-Mayadin City eastern of Deir Ezzor near the post during clashes with the 4th Division, due to disputes over drugs, at the side of Al-Mayadin river crossings with SDF-held areas.