The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

On105th day | Peaceful demonstrations renew in Al-Karamah square in Al-Suwaidaa demanding implementation of UN resolutions.

Al-Suwaidaa province: Residents of Jabal Al-Arab continue their peaceful popular movement in Al-Karamah square in the centre of Al-Suwaidaa city, on its 105th consecutive day, where dozens gathered today in the square, amid chanting anti-regime slogans, affirming their legitimate demands in achieving political transition, strengthening the concept of decentralization, toppling the regime and its head.
Yesterday, SOHR reported that dozens of residents of Al-Suwaidaa city gathered in Al-Karamah square, in light of the ongoing daily peaceful protests, lifting placards with slogans that read: “We are not demanding our rights because we will obtain them legally, peacefully and civilizationally”, “We will continue our struggle until the sun of justice shines”, ” The policy of starvation and marginalization will not intimidate us, this country and its wealth are our right and the right of our children”
This comes in light of their affirmation on their legitimate demands to implement International Resolution 2254, achieve a political transition and topple the regime.