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Under Russian orders | Regime forces continue their siege of areas in Aleppo northern countryside and residents call for removal of humanitarian file from policies contradict human values

Aleppo province: The regime forces, with Russian approval, have continued their siege on areas in the northern countryside of Aleppo, since November 20, which has led to the region completely running out of fuel, despite repeated appeals from the residents to break the siege and remove the humanitarian file from the policies imposed by the regime, which are based on clamping down on the residents of the region and emptying it.
Accordingly, most of schools are still closed to students in the villages and towns of the northern Aleppo countryside, which includes displaced people from Afrin region, while Avrin Hospital continues to limit its work for the fifth day in a row to receiving only emergency medical cases after the majority of the equipment stopped.
According to SOHR activists, since November 20, the residents have been in complete darkness, as a result of the complete power outage, and municipal workers have stopped working as a result of the interruption of transportation, while the process of distributing water to the residents through tanks is in real danger, after the reserve stock runs out.
Under Russian orders, the regime demands impossible demands in order to supply the region with fuel, meaning to obtain more concessions in the region controlled by the Kurdish councils.
The regime’s Fourth Division controls the only crossing between Aleppo province and its northern countryside, and imposes its siege from time to time, particularly in winter, with the aim of obtaining fuels estimated at half the amount distributed to the residents in the countryside, in addition to imposing large royalties on the materials that enter the region, in a clear exploitation of the humanitarian reality, and to clamp down on the area.
On November 20, SOHR reported that the municipal committee of the local council in areas in the northern countryside of Aleppo, within areas controlled by the Kurdish and regime forces, has reduced the number of hours of electricity from four to two hours per day, while most public transport lines in the area have also been stopped due to the refusal of the fourth Division checkpoints to bring fuels into the area.
According to private sources, the amount of fuel that entered during the previous periods does not meet the region’s need, which is continuously distributed to bakeries, Avrin hospital, and schools, and to remedy this, the number of operating hours of generators in villages and towns in the northern countryside of Aleppo has been reduced.
On November 24, SOHR reported that the 4th Division of regime forces continues its siege on northern Aleppo countryside for the fourth consecutive day by preventing the entry of fuel to the area. In this context, several devices at Afrin hospital, the only hospital in the region, have stopped, in addition to the closure of most of the civil institutions, halt of the most of the transportation lines and suspension of work in bakeries and water stations.

According to SOHR sources, the region faces threats of complete power outage in towns and villages in northern Aleppo countryside. Meanwhile, the 4th Division offered unrealistic demands, at regime and Russians’ orders, in return for supplying the region with fuel.

According to reliable SOHR sources, the running out of fuel in the region has put the live of patients, who receive treatment at Afrin hospital, at risk.

In addition, students in primary, middle, and high schools are now without heating, which led to a state of discontent among residents who demanded an urgent solution