The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Putin-Erdogan” area | Regime forces shell several villages in Idlib and Hama countryside

After midnight of Wednesday-Thursday, regime forces fired heavy artillery shells on the eastern outskirts of Idlib city and the vicinity of Marbalit village in the southern countryside. They also fired artillery shells on Al-Saramaniyah and Duwair Al-Akrad villages in Sahil Al-Ghab area in the western countryside of Hama, within “Putin-Erdogan” area. No causalities were reported.
Yesterday, a regime soldier was shot dead by sniper of “Ansar Al-Tawhid” faction on the frontline of Al-Malajah in southern Idlib countryside.
Meanwhile, another regime soldier was shot dead by sniper of HTS on the frontline of Al-Barieej in southern Idlib countryside.
Similarly, a regime soldier was killed in a missile fired by HTS on positions of regime forces in Kafer Halab village in western Aleppo countryside.