The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Amid clashes with light and medium weapons | Two regime agents killed by security forces in west Deir Ezzor countryside

Deir Ezzor province: Security units of Syrian Democratic Forces stormed the houses of two suspects accused of “spying for the Syrian regime” and other accusations, such as “involving in drug business,” in Al-Kasrah town in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor. Clashes with light and medium weapons erupted between the two sides, which led to the death of the two suspects.


On November 19, SOHR sources reported that clashes with light and medium weapons, erupted between units of “SDF” and some of the residents of Al-Janinah town, northwest of Deir Ezzor, following a campaign of raids carried out by the units today morning, in search of wanted persons. However, no causalities were reported, while the clashes resulted in the seizure of two SDF vehicles by the residents and blocking the road between Al-Janinah and Al-Hesan.