The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Arbitrarily | Criminal Security arrests a civilian in Ma’araba Town in Rif Dimashq

Rif Dimashq province: Members of a patrol of the Criminal Security arbitrarily arrested a civilian from Bakha’a Town in western Al-Qalmon area after storming his house in Ma’araba Town in Rif Dimashq, with no information regarding the reasons of the arrest, and they took him to a security centre.

Members of the Military Intelligence arrested two young men in Harana area in Al-Tel City in Rif Dimashq, to make them undergo “compulsory service.”

On November 19, members of Military Intelligence branch arrested a drug dealer in Falytah in Al-Qalamoun countryside in western Rif Dimashq, following dispute over revenue-sharing of drug business and theft, where his whereabouts and fate remain unknown.

Meanwhile, members of regime forces stationed at Mankat Al-Hatab checkpoint arrested for unknown reasons a civilian in Jassim city in northern Daraa countryside, while his fate remains unknown.