The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Peace Spring” area | Faction arrests ten civilians to collect ransoms and other civilians arrested for “involving in attack on military post”

Members of the pro-Turkey faction of “Ahrar Al-Sharqyiah,” in coordination with Turkish forces and military police, carried out a security campaign in the early hours of Saturday morning and arrested several civilians for “involving and participating in the attack which targeted a joint military post of Turkish forces and military police in Hammam Al-Turkman village in southern Tel Abyad in Al-Raqqah countryside.”


The arrested civilians were taken to a security centre and their fate remains unknown.


Meanwhile, members of the pro-Turkey faction of “Al-Hamzat” arrested ten civilians, after they had crossed Syria-Turkey border from “Peace Spring” area in Al-Hasakah countryside through routes used for smuggling, while the members asked the civilians’ relatives to pay 7,000 USD per person for releasing them.


It is worth noting that the arrested civilians hail from villages and towns in Al-Hasakah countryside.


On October 24, SOHR sources reported that members of police affiliated with Turkey arrested two nurses from the national hospital in Ras Al-Ain within “Peace Spring” area, after insulting them in the hospital for “dealing with SDF and sharing information about killed and injured members of pro-Turkey factions who arrive at the hospital.”