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Drenched in blood | Kidnappers kill young man two days after being kidnapped in Daraa countryside

Daraa province: Residents found the body of a young man, showing signs of torture and drenched in blood and dumped in the area between Al-Taibah and Al-Mataiyah towns in Daraa countryside, two days after he was kidnapped.
According to SOHR activists, the young man lived in Damascus and was kidnapped by unknown persons while he was on his way to Al-Taibah town to visit his relatives.
It is noted that the victim is a relative of the drug dealer, who is known for defrauding the people in the region.
Since early 2023, SOHR activists have documented 468 incidents of security disorder in Daraa province, which left 372 people dead; and they are as follows:

• 137 civilians, including seven children and seven women.

• 28 men accused of “involving in drug business.”

• 152 regime soldiers, members and collaborators with regime security services, including a woman.

• 25 former fighters who did not join any military formation, after striking reconciliation deals with the Syrian regime.

• 12 ISIS members.

• 14 ex-fighters with settled-status working for regime services and backed militias.

• Two people working for the Lebanese Hezbollah, including a commander.

• One “collaborator” with Iranian-backed militias.

• An ex-fighter in the former “Jabhat Al-Nusra.”