The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Rif Dimashq | Israel bombs from occupied Golan and missile from Hezbollah areas targets Golan

Rif Dimashq province: Several artillery shells fell in the vicinity of Bait Jen farms in Rif Dimashq, adjacent to occupied Shabaa farms, where hundreds of fighters of elite forces working under the command of “Hezbollah” are deployed. The shells were fired from the occupied Syrian Golan. No causalities were reported. In return, a missile fired from the Syrian territory fell in the occupied Syrian Golan.
On November 22, SOHR reported that factions working with the Lebanese Hezbollah fired one missile from western Daraa countryside, towards the occupied Syrian Golan.
Meanwhile, military forces mobilized in the region, in preparation for the Israeli response on the military positions in Daraa countryside.
Israel has escalated their attacks in Syrian territory to unprecedented level since the beginning of the brutal offensive on Gaza in October, where SOHR has documented 23 attacks: 15 airstrikes and eight rocket attacks by ground forces. Those attacks left 26 fatalities; they are as follows:

• Two civilians

• 24 Syrian combatants, including four officers.