The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Euphrates Shield” area and its surroundings in November 2023 | Nearly 20 casualties in acts of violence…seven infightings and explosions…ongoing security chaos

SOHR renews its appeals to the international community to protect civilians in “Euphrates Shield” areas from chaos, insecurity, and violations of Turkish-backed factions

Since Turkish forces and their proxy factions captured several areas in Aleppo after a military operation known as “Euphrates Shield”, humanitarian crises have been emerging and worsening gradually, with violations, attacks and explosions occurring almost daily. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) has monitored and tracked November’s prominent developments in these areas, which could be summarised in the following main points:



Human casualties


In November 2023, SOHR activists documented the death of 11 people in areas under the control of Turkish forces and factions operating under the banner of “Euphrates Shield” operations room and their surroundings in the northern, eastern and north-eastern countryside of Aleppo. The fatalities’ breakdown is as follows:


-Eight civilians, including a woman and three children:


  • One civilian was killed in the explosion of a car-bomb.


  • A man and a child were killed in gunfire and bombardment by regime forces.


  • A child was killed in an explosion of old ordnance.


  • Two civilians were killed in indiscriminate gunfire and infightings.


  • A woman was killed by Turkish Jandarma.


  • A child was killed by SDF.


-Three combatants:


  • Three killed in factional infightings.


  • One killed in clashes with “Tahrir Afrin” Forces (Afrin Liberation Forces).


  • Two killed in factional infightings.


SOHR also documented the injury of over seven people in acts of violence in “Euphrates Shield” area and its surroundings in November 2023.





Also, in November 2023, SOHR activists documented five infightings in “Euphrates Shield” area and its surroundings, which left three combatants dead and wounded and nearly four other civilians, including a child, injured.



Ongoing violations




As Turkish-backed factions continue their violations against the residents of “Euphrates Shield” area and its surroundings, SOHR documented one incident of assaulting civilians in November, where militiamen of “Ahrar Al-Sham Islamic Movement” stationed at a checkpoint brutally beat a young man from Al-Sfirah for taking pictures of the checkpoint.



Arrests and kidnaps


In November, “Euphrates Shield” area in its surroundings experienced seven cases of arbitrary arrests against civilians. However, no kidnaps were documented in the past month in the region.





Also, in November, SOHR documented two explosions in “Euphrates Shield” area in its surroundings, which left three civilian casualties, including a child.



It seems that violations in “Euphrates Shield” area will not stop as long as Turkish forces and their proxies keep breaching all international laws and charters, while no party or international or regional player is exhibiting any willingness to put an end to these “grave” violations, despite SOHR repeated warnings about the dreadful humanitarian situation in the region.