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“Euphrates Shield” area | Clashes between two groups of tribesmen working for “National Army” leave six people injured

Residents appeal to relevant authorities to break up the clashes

Aleppo province: SOHR sources have reported that six people were injured, some seriously, in clashes with machineguns between gunmen of “Al-Kharaj” tribe and others of “Bani Khalid” tribe, which erupted for unknown reasons in Al-Muhsenly village in Jarabulus countryside in eastern Aleppo in “Euphrates Shield” area. The injured people were taken to the hospital.


It is worth noting that the conflicting gunmen work for factions of the Turkish-backed “National Army.”


Meanwhile, residents have appealed to relevant authorities to break up the clashes, where tension is growing between the two tribe, amid a state of panic among the village’s residents.


On November 30, SOHR sources reported that two persons were injured during clashes with heavy weapons and RPGs in Jarabulus city in north-western Aleppo in “Euphrates Shield” area between Al-Qar’an tribe, whose members hail from Deir Ezzor, and Al-Jobanat tribe.