The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Pursuing drug smugglers | Local gu*nmen deploy in several areas in Al-Suwaydaa

Armed groups of the “Mountain’s Residents” gathered in several areas in Al-Suwaydaa to pursue drug dealers and enforce security in the province, where mobile patrols were conducted in Al-Suwaydaa City and eastern countryside.

Moreover, the forces have stationed in mobile checkpoints in several villages in eastern Al-Suwaydaa countryside.

The Iranian militias and the 4th Division work on drowning the country with drugs and exporting them to the Gulf Countries to be smuggled to Jordan using different methods such as ground routes on foot from villages on borders with Jordan or through drones by putting an amount of narcotics in the drone and firing the drone to Jordan.

The 4th Division that is led by Maher Al-Assad (the brother of Bashar Al-Assad), uses houses in residential neighbourhoods as a checkpoint to transport narcotics to be distributed in areas Syria.

Smuggling operations for Captagon and narcotic substances continue from Syria to the Arabian Gulf via Jordan, under the direct supervision of the Lebanese Hezbollah militia with the complicity of the 4th Division, under whose command dozens of smugglers work, concentrated in the Al-Suwaydaa desert, who have tribal ties in Jordan.

The Military Security Service in Salkhad Town provides logistic services for smugglers, and provides members with security IDs and light and medium weapons.