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Following altercation | Guards of Turkish base open fire on civilian in western Idlib

A 38-year-old man sustained an injury in his leg, when guards of a Turkish base in Idlib countryside opened fire on him, where the young man was taken to a medical centre to receive treatment.


According to SOHR sources, the guards of the Turkish base in Baksarya village in Jisr Al-Shughour countryside in western Idlib opened fire near the young man, attempting to intimidate him and force him to get away from the base following an altercation between the young man and the guards.


SOHR sources have reported that the young man was working in his land adjacent the Turkish base, when the incident took place.


Residents have complained of the presence of military bases and headquarters in their agricultural land and residential neighbourhoods.


On December 6, SOHR sources reported that Residents of Tel Abyad area in northern of Al-Raqqa demanded the removal of military headquarters from the residential neighbourhoods, according to a statement that SOHR received a copy of, which states: “We appeal to the military administration represented by residents of the town of several tribes and factions.”


The statement demands the following:



  • Complete transfer of military authority to residents of the town and cancelling the “wishes”


  • Cancelling the “economics” project that caused suffering of the people by taxes


  • Appointing the highest investor to support the local council to improve the infrastructure in the region


  • Put an end to arbitrary arrests


  • Putting an end to accessibility of weapons in the town and confiscating them, only allowing them in official operations by the Central Administration to enforce security