The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Including accused of removing Turkish flag | Six civilians including three teachers arrested by Turkish intelligence services in Afrin countryside

Aleppo province: Three teachers were arrested in Bulbul district school in Afrin countryside, by the Civilian Police of the Turkish Intelligence, in conjunction with the arrival of a Turkish governor to the centre of the city. They were arrested on charges of removing the Turkish flag from one of the classroom halls of the school, and were taken to a prison in the district, without knowing their fate until the moment.
A 30-year-old civilian, from Dikah village in Bulbul district, was also arrested by military police members, during a raid on his house in Al-Ashrafiah neighbourhood in Afrin city for unknown reasons, where he was taken to an unknown destination without knowing his fate.
Another civilian in his forties was arrested by the military police, while he was at work on Rajo Road in Afrin city for unknown reasons, and his fate remains unknown until this moment.
In return, Civil Police members arrested a civilian in his fifties from the Jinderes district, after he arrived in his hometown coming from areas of displacement in Aleppo countryside, despite settling his situation, while he was released after paying a ransom of 600 USD and 300 USD for handing over his house.
In continuation of the violations, a civilian was beaten and tortured by members of “Al-Hamzat” in Darkir village in Maabatli district, following a robbery of his house, and they seized his car, under the threat of his family with weapons, and confiscated the family members’ cell phones, while the civilian was taken to an unknown destination without knowing his fate.
In the face of these violations, “Olive Branch” area is witnessing a widespread public dissatisfaction with the practices that they are subjected to before the Turkish State, which did nothing towards such violations.