The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Dea*th toll update | Three civilians kil*led and 20 others injured including women and children in shelling by factions on Nobl and Al-Zahraa

The number of casualties in Nobl and Al-Zahraa Towns in Aleppo has risen to 23 people including children and women, where the factions fired missiles on the region killing a boy and two women and injuring 20 people including women and children, as factions fired shells randomly on residential neighbourhoods in Nobl in Aleppo countryside.

Artillery shells were fired from areas of factions of the “National Front of Liberation” in northern Aleppo countryside on Nobl and Al-Zahraa Towns in Aleppo.

On the same context, regime forces fired heavy artillery shells on villages of western Aleppo countryside and the vicinity of Darat Azza City. However, no casualties were reported.

This comes after regime forces committed a massacre against the civilians in Idlib, where seven people including two children and a woman were killed in Idlib and one man was killed in Sarmin Town, while 42 civilians were injured.

SOHR has documented the death of 23 civilians and injury of 37 others in aerial and ground attacks by Hayyaat Tahrir Al-Sham and opposition factions on regime-controlled areas near the “de-escalation zone in 2023, precisely since June 21. The fatalities are distributed as follows:

• Five civilians, including three children, were killed in bombardment on Hama countryside.

• Eight civilians, including four children and three women, were killed in drone attacks on Hama countryside.

• A man was killed in an attack by an armed drone on Al-Qardaha in Latakia countryside.

• Seven civilians: three little girls, three women and a man were killed in bombardment on west Aleppo countryside.

• Two civilians were killed in rocket fire on Al-Ruwaymiyah village in Latakia countryside.