The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Under Russian auspices | Regime forces continue their blockade for more than 20 days and widespread popular anger occur among residents in northern countryside of Aleppo

Aleppo province: Areas in the northern countryside of Aleppo are witnessing a widespread popular discontent, as a result of the Fourth Division of the regime forces continuing its blockade on the area since November 20, that means people are languishing in total darkness for 20 consecutive days, as a result of the loss of fuel and the depletion of the reserve stock.
That was not only in areas in the northern countryside, which include five displacement camps, but the blockade extended to include Al-Ashrafiah and Al-Sheikh Maqsoud neighbourhoods in Aleppo city, where the number of operating hours of electric generators has been reduced, and their prices increased.
The blockade began under the orders of Russians and the regime stationed in the northern countryside, by preventing the entry of fuel into the region, as a tool to pressure local councils, in order to obtain new gains and concessions.
That was offset by popular rejection and condemnation, as they staged a demonstration in front of the regime forces posts, who did not show any regard to their appeal.
On December 4, SOHR reported that regime forces, under Russian orders, have been sieging areas in northern Aleppo countryside for 15 days, causing deterioration of humanitarian situation significantly, coinciding with the approach of winter and the need for fuels.