The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Military escalation | Child injured in Russian airstrikes in vicinity of Idlib city

A child was injured in airstrikes carried out by Russian fighter jets on the western side of Idlib city within “Putin-Erdogan” area, where Russia fighter jets executed four consecutive airstrikes on the region.


Accordingly, the number of civilians and combatants who have been killed in Russian airstrikes on different positions in the “de-escalation” zone in 2023, precisely since June 24, has risen to 60. In addition, those airstrikes left over 106 people injured.


The fatalities are distributed as follows:


  • 26 civilians, including five woman and six children, two children of whom were of the families of “Turkistan Islamic Party” members, were killed in airstrikes on Idlib.


  • 34 members of jihadist groups, including 17 HTS members, were killed in airstrikes on Idlib.