The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Unidentified gunmen raid a headquarters of an Islamic faction pretending to be from Jabhat Al-Nusra in the countryside of Hama  

Hama Province:

The Activists of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights was informed by intersecting sources that unidentified gunmen claim of belonging to Al-Nusra Front raided on a headquarters of an Islamic faction after midnight yesterday in al-Sayyad area in the northern countryside of Hama, where they confiscated all the contents of the headquarters of weapons and ammunition in addition to the arrest of its members, but they set them free after they got out of the village, while the sources confirmed that Jabhet Al-Nusra had nothing to do with the matter and that Jabhat Al-Nusra sent a military convoy to the village to investigate the incident.
The helicopters dropped barrel bombs on places in the town of Al-Latamneh in the northern countryside of Hama, followed by shelling by the regime forces on places in the town, also the warplanes open fire on areas in the towns of Al-Latamneh and Kafr Zita and al-Sayyad village in the northern countryside of the city, while the Islamic Factions targeted using several shells positions for the regime forces in the villages of al-Jeed, al-Azizyya and al-Hakura in Sahl al-Ghab at the northwestern countryside of Hama, also the regime forces bombed elsewhere in the eastern countryside of al-Salamiyyeh city, no information about casualties yet.