The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ongoing violations of human rights | Turkish forces continue to attack infrastructure in north-eastern Syria

Al-Hasakah province: Turkish drones and jets in the past three days have attacked the infrastructure directly including economic, service, oil facilities, power stations and commercial stores belonging to civilians, in addition to the only medical oxygen manufacturing in north-eastern Syria and only dialysis hospital, in a clear violation of human rights.

The Turkish airstrikes continued between 23 and 26 of this month, significantly impacting the region’s residents from a medical perspective. Hospitals were attacked, leading to put the kidney dialysis hospital in Al-Qamishly out of service, as well as the medical oxygen production centre, leaving a kidney patient dead because he was not able to undergo a kidney wash procedure and the shortage of oxygen in hospitals.

Meanwhile, the electricity network was damaged and completely cutting off, in addition the loss of household gas and there is also a severe shortage of fuel due to targeting fuel stations in Al-Qamishly and the oil facilities in Rumailan and Al-Qahtaniyah in northern Al-Hasakah countryside.

On the economic and civil life sides, Turkish aircraft directly targeted bakeries, mills, lentil and olive stores and wheat silos.

The Turkish airstrikes had a significant impact on civilians’ life, especially children, causing a state of terror as the airstrikes targeted civilian homes and positions within residential neighborhoods.

The bombardment resulted in a displacement of residents from border areas to regions away from the borders, escaping from Turkish airstrikes.

This reflects a clear policy aimed at destabilizing the region and forcing inhabitants to flee their areas.

On the educational hand, the educational process has stopped, and schools have been closed until further notice, fearing of being targeted and causing casualties.