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In airstrikes on Al-Bokamal | 25 members of Iranian-backed militias killed 20 of them of non-Syrian nationalities

Deir Ezzor province: The death toll of the aerial targeting, which is likely to be Israeli, increased to 25 Iranian-backed fighters; five of Syrian nationality and 20 of non-Syrian nationalities: four of “Hezbollah”, six of Iraqi nationality and ten of Iranian-backed groups of non-Syrian nationalities, in airstrikes after midnight on Friday-Saturday, December 30, where Israeli aircraft targeted posts of the Iranian militias in the Iranian security zone near Al-Hajanah roundabout, and posts in the 47th Regiment in the desert of Al-Bokamal city, which undergoes training courses, in addition to a convoy belonging to the militias after entering the Syrian territory coming from Iraq, and headquarters, a military shipment, an ammunition warehouse and vehicles in Al-Bokamal city and its countryside near the Syrian-Iraqi border.
Israel targeted the Syrian territory 45 times since the war on Gaza in October, where SOHR has documented 28 attacks: 28 airstrikes, 17 rocket attacks by ground forces. Those attacks destroyed 28 targets and left 77 combatants and two civilians dead; the fatalities of combatants are as follows:

• 14 members of regime force and their proxy militias.

• 22 members of the Lebanese Hezbollah.

• Nine Iranian-backed Syrian militiamen.

• 32 of non-Syrian Iranian-backed militias, including three members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.
• Two of the Islamic Jihadist

SOHR documented 76 attacks in 2023: 51 airstrikes and 25 rocket attacks by ground forces, during which Israel targeted several positions in Syria, destroying nearly 154 targets, including buildings, weapons and ammunitions warehouses, headquarters, centres and vehicles. These strikes killed 151 combatants and injured 154 others. The fatalities are distributed as follows:

• 40 members of regime forces, including officers.

• 63 Iranian-backed non-Syrian militiamen.

• Seven members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

• 13 Iranian-backed Syrian militiamen.

• 26 members of the Lebanese Hezbollah.

• Two members of “Al-Jihad Al-Islami” organisation.

In addition, those attacks left three men and a woman dead and other civilians injured.

The attacks are distributed regionally as follows:

• Damascus and Rif Dimashq: 30 attacks.

• Al-Quneitera: 18 attacks.

• Hama: two attacks.

• Tartus: three attacks.

• Aleppo: nine attacks.

• Al-Suwaidaa: five attacks.

• Daraa: 13 attacks.

• Homs: four attacks.

• Deir Ezzor: three attacks.

SOHR would like to point out that Israel sometimes targeted more than one province in a single attack.