The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Since beginning of year | Nearly ten children killed and injured in explosion of war remnants in Syria

War remnants, including mines, explosive and non-explosive objects, remain a major concern among the Syrian people in various areas of control, as they continue to claim more civilian lives, in light of the failure of humanitarian organisations and the absence of the role of the concerned authorities to intervene and remove them, to reduce civilian casualties.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the death and injury of eight children since the beginning of the year, and they are as follows:
-Five children were injured in regime-held areas.
-A child was killed and two other children were injured in SDF-held areas.
Below, SOHR reviews the details:
– On January 1, four children were severely injured due to the explosion of an old landmine, while they were playing in a farmland in Mazlum village in the north-eastern of Deir Ezzor. The injured children were taken to a hospital for treatment.
– On January 2, a child was injured due to the explosion of a landmine of war remnants in Khan Toman Town in southern Aleppo countryside within regime-held areas.
– On January 4, a child was killed and two others were injured due to the explosion of an old landmine, while they were playing in the farmlands in Khaniz village, north of Al-Raqqah city. The injured were taken to the national hospital in Al-Raqqah for treatment.
Accordingly, SOHR documented the death of 256 civilians, including 24 women and 81 children, due to explosions of old landmines, unexploded shells and bombs across Syria in 2023. In addition, over 365 civilians, including 136 children and 20 women, sustained various injuries.