The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

New air escalation | Turkish drone targets vicinity of dam in Al-Hasakah countryside

Al-Hasakah province: Today at dawn, successive explosions were heard in Al-Hasakah countryside, as a result of a Turkish drone targeted with airstrikes the vicinity of Bashot Dam in Al-Malikiyah district in Al-Hasakah countryside, where columns of smoke rose from the area, causing material damage.
Yesterday evening, the Turkish state renewed its aerial bombardment of infrastructure within SDF-held areas, where SOHR reported that Turkish warplanes launched several airstrikes targeting Aouda Oil Station in Al-Qahtaniya Town north eastern of Al-Hasakah, in addition to launching two airstrikes on an archeological area in Pakarwan Village in Al-Malkiya countryside northern of Al-Hasakah. However, no casualties were reported