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With continuation of systematic policy of targeting infrastructure | Turkish drone bo-mbs power station in Ain Eissa and puts it out of service

Al-Raqqah province: Today morning, Turkish drone aircraft bombed a power station in Ain Eissa town in Al-Raqqah countryside, where columns of smoke rose from the targeted site. The bombing also caused a complete power outage from the town, as a result of the damage of the station. The Turkish drones also targeted a checkpoint of the Internal Security forces “Asayish” on Al-Raqqah road in the vicinity of Ain Eissa near a Russian military base. No causalities were reported.
This is part of the continuation of the systematic Turkish policy of targeting infrastructure and public facilities belonging to the Syrian people, in a new war crime committed by Turkey within Syrian territory.
Yesterday, SOHR reported that Turkish drones carried out several airstrikes on Al-Aouda Field and a position at a bank in Al-Qahtaniya “Terba Sabih” in Al-Hasakah countryside.
Moreover, drones attacked a station in Sherk Village and water tanks in Sherk Village in Kojarat area in Al-Malkiya (Derek) countryside. However, no casualties were reported.
Meanwhile, a warplane that is believed to be Turkish, flew over Al-Qamishly and the border line between Syria and Turkey.