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Ongoing arrest campaigns | Members of regime security services arrest civilian for “spying for Jordanian authorities” and another for unknown reasons in two areas

SOHR sources have reported that regime security services arrested a civilian in his thirties from Al-Matayah town in Daraa countryside near the Jordan border for “ spying for the Jordanian authorities and providing coordinates about locations of drug dealers in the town.
According to reliable SOHR sources the civilian is married and has five children and works in agriculture and livestock and he does not join to any military formations after he had undergone a settlement process in 2018.
He was arrested in Al-Sabeel neighborhood after leaving the Directorate of Civil Records in Daraa city to obtain identification documents, where he was taken to the intelligence branch in Al-Matar neighborhood and his fate remains unknown
Meanwhile, members of military security of regime forces arrested a young man after raiding his house near Al-Dabas school in Darayeah city in Rif Dimashq, while the reasons behind the arrest are still unknown. He was taken to a security centre and his fate remains unknown.
Regime security services continue their arrest campaigns against civilians within regime-held area..

On January 6, SOHR sources reported that members of security services of regime forces stormed a house in the old Corniche in Latakia city, along with heavy deployment of members of military security and blocking roads, where they arrested a lawyer for “criticizing Bashar Al-Assad’s wife in a post on social media. The lawyer was taken to a security centre and his fate remains unknown.
The post published on Facebook and said: “they are servants to “Asmaa, and they work under her orders,” referring to the heads of security services of regime forces.
The lawyer also works In trade and owns several gas stations in Latakia.