The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

False news | SOHR sources deny the announcement by Turkish Ministry of Defence about killing combatants in Turkish attacks on north-eastern Syria

Reliable SOHR sources have denied the news circulating through the media about the Turkish Minister of Defence that seven members of Kurdish forces were killed in Syria in the past few hours , where the airstrikes and ground attacks mostly target civilian areas, vital facilities and infrastructure.

In the early hours of Sunday morning SOHR sources denied the news regarding an attack or an infiltration operation by SDF on “Peace Spring” areas in Al-Hasakah countryside and Al-Raqqa countryside.
Moreover, SOHR sources confirmed that the frontlines witnessed an alarming calm without any human casualties.
The Turkish Ministry of Defence stated: “Our forces upset an infiltration attempt by 12 members to Peace Spring areas, and neutralized nine fighters who were launching an attack on Peace Spring areas northern of Syria