The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Death toll update | Ten individuals including three commanders of IRGC killed in Israeli airstrikes on building in Damascus

Damascus province: SOHR sources have reported that ten members of Iranian-backed militias were killed due to the Israeli airstrikes on a building in Damascus. The fatalities are distributed as follows:


  • Five Iranian members, including three commanders of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.


  • Three Syrian members working for Iranian-backed militias.


  • An Iraqi member.


  • A Lebanese member.


There are confirmed reports about missing individuals, including Syrians and Iranians.


The targeted building, which was destroyed in this strike, is in a security zone in Al-Mazzah neighborhood in the capital, Damascus and one of the  buildings that belong to Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps in the region. The neighborhood is also inhabited by leaders and commanders from Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, the “Islamic Jihad” movement and Lebanese Hezbollah.


It is worth noting that Israel followed the same strategy used in its recent attack when it assassinated “Rida Musawi” the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. The building, which was targeted today, was targeted after monitoring movements of commanders and spotting the entry of individuals into the building earlier this morning.


Earlier today, SOHR sources reported that a violent explosion was heard in Al-Mazah Villat neighbourhood, west of the capital, Damascus, next to the Al-Muhammadi mosque, as a result of an Israeli missile targeting a 4-storey building, resulting in the death of five persons in an initial toll, and it is not known whether it was launched by the Islamic Jihad movement, the Iranian “Revolutionary Guard” militia or Lebanese Hezbollah. The targeting also resulted in the complete destruction of the building, which included a meeting of leaders close to Iran.


The neighbourhood is known as a security neighbourhood and includes leaders from IRGC and Palestinian leaders close to Iran.