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Military escalation | Artillery shell hits Turkish checkpoint in Idlib injuring two people

An artillery shell was fired on the Turkish checkpoint in Majarez Village in eastern Idlib countryside, injuring two Syrian members in the position.

Moreover, regime forces shelled the vicinity of Sarmin and Binsh Cities in the same area. However, no casualties were reported.

Earlier today, a drone launched by regime forces targeted a position of motorbikes near the junction of Al-Sheikh Sandiyan Village in western Idlib countryside, where four members of Al-Fath Al-Mubin Operation Room were killed and three others were injured, while some civilians are missing.

Yesterday, regime forces fired heavy artillery shells and missiles on the vicinity of the Turkish checkpoints in Al-Nairab Town eastern of Idlib City. However, no casualties were reported.

Moreover, the shelling targeted residential neighbourhoods in Sarmin and Ariha Cities in Idlib countryside, while the shelling is still ongoing. However, no casualties were reported.