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In 72 hours | IS*IS cells ki*ll and injure 26 members of regime forces and their proxies in three different attacks

قتل 19 عنصرا من قوات النظام ووكلائهم، فيما أصيب آخرون بينهم ضابط رفيع المستوى في هجمات شنتها خلايا داعش على مواقع في صحراء حمص وحماة خلال 72 ساعة.

ISIS cells intensified their attacks against positions and checkpoints of the regime and their militias, while Russian forces launched airstrikes against positions that are thought to shelter ISIS cells.

The details are as follows:
On February 11: Six regime soldiers were killed in an armed attack launched by “ISIS” cells yesterday, targeting posts of the regime forces and the “National Defence” Forces, between Al-Taybah and Al-Sukhnah towns in the eastern desert of Homs.

On February 13: Four regime soldiers died of the wounds they had sustained in an earlier attack by ISIS cells three days ago, which targeted positions of regime forces and National Defence Forces in an area between Al-Taybah and Al-Sukhnah towns in east Homs desert.

On February 13: Nine members of the regime forces were killed and three others were injured in an attack by ISIS cells on a position of the regime forces in Duwaizin area in eastern Hama countryside.