The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Homs | Person kil*led in clashes between families backed by Lebanese Hezbollah

Homs province: Violent clashes with light and medium weapons erupted between a family from Al-Dalboz Town and a family from Al-Mazara’a Town due to disputes between them, where a member of the Lebanese Hezbollah was killed during the clashes, amid security mobilization in several neighbourhoods of Homs City to prevent the escalation of the situation.

On January 29, Al-Ruston City in northern Homs countryside witnessed intermittent clashes between two families from the city, after the death of a member of Al-Tirkawy Tribe in late 2023.

SOHR activists reported that nearly dozens of armed members of Al-Tirkawy Tribe attacked the house of the person, who died during the clashes that took place on the outskirts of the city.