The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Including personnel carriers and logistical equipment | Turkish forces bring in over 25 vehicles to posts in “de-escalation zone”

SOHR sources have reported that a convoy of the Turkish forces have crossed into the “de-escalation zone,” via Bab Al-Hawa crossing and the border military gate near Kafr Lusin village in northern Idlib. The convoy, which comprised 12 trucks carrying logistical supplies and over 15 personnel carriers, headed to Turkish posts in Idlib countryside.


It is worth noting that this is the fourth convoy to be brought in by Turkish forces to Syria in February and the fifth convoy in 2024.


On February 7, SOHR sources reported that Turkish forces brought more than 100 military machineries (personnel carriers and trucks carrying logistic equipment) to “Putin-Erdogan” area on two patches, where the first Turkish convoy entered through Kafr Lucien Crossing and headed towards the checkpoints in eastern and southern Idlib countryside.


The second convoy entered through Ain Al-Baida Crossing towards western Idlib countryside and northern of Lattakia to reinforce the military positions in the area.


On February 3, a convoy of trucks of the Turkish forces arrived to north western of Syria through Bab Al-Hawa and military Kafr Lucien Gates in northern Idlib.


The convoy comprised 30 trucks carrying ammunition, weapons and logistic equipment and headed towards the checkpoints deployed in “Putin-Erdogan” area in southern and eastern countryside of Idlib and western Aleppo countryside, to reinforce the military checkpoints and increase the military storage.


While on January 24, Turkish forces brought a military convoy comprising more than 40 military machineries, personnel carriers, armoured vehicles and small boxes carrying logistic equipment, through Ain Al-Baida Crossing in western Idlib countryside towards the Turkish positions deployed in western Idlib countryside.