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Released later for ransoms | Turkish Jandarma deliver 15 Syrians to military police in “Peace Spring” area

Al-Hasakah province: SOHR sources have reported that the Turkish border guards (Jandarma) tortured 15 Syrian people in the Turkish province of Mardin, after having been arrested earlier. Turkish authorities accused those Syrians of “belonging to SDF,” and the Syrian people were later delivered to the military police in Ras Al-Ain city which is under the control of factions of “Peace Spring” operations room in the north-west of Al-Hasakah.


The military police tortured those people and asked their families for ransoms of 1,500 USD for their release.


The released people have told SOHR activists that the prison of the military police, where they were held, was very bad and hosted many detainees, some of whom sentenced to ten years in prison. In addition, detainees in this prison endured brutal torture, including cruel beating, giving electric shocks and psychological intimidation with trained police dogs, as the sources described. The released people have also confirmed that members of “Sultan Murad” faction were the ones investigating detainees and that many of the detainees were released only after having paid large ransoms.


On February 6, SOHR sources reported that border guard forces of SDF arrested seven people near the Turkish border attempting to enter Turkish territory, where they were handed over to the Internal Security Forces to verify their identities and check if they are suspec or affiliated with ISIS. According to reliable SOHR sources the arrested people will be released if they are not suspects after pledging not to approach the border again through routes used for smuggling.