The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Misleading through media | Counter-terrorism forces arrest nine people including a girl for “dealing drugs” in Damascus

Damascus province: Members of the counter-terrorism forces in the capital Damascus arrested nine people including a girl for “dealing drugs”, in several cities and areas of Damascus and Rif Dimashq such as Mahalat Al-Zahra, Mahalat Al-Maidan, Jirmana and Al-Duwaila’a and they confiscated drugs such as crystal, Captagon pills and marijuana that were in their possessions, while others are still on the run.

On February 11, clashes erupted between gunmen of “Al-Bakara” Tribe and others of “Al-Barai” Family that supports the regime, due to disputes over dealing drugs within their areas in Al-Nairab and Bab Al-Hadid south eastern of Aleppo within regime-held areas, amid information that the clashes are still ongoing. However, no casualties were reported.