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After child was kidnapped | Residents detain 14 young men from Al-Lojaa area and threaten to escalate

Daraa province: Members of the family of the child, who was kidnapped on February 11, detained 14 young men from tribes of Al-Lojaa area as a warning for the kidnappers, and threatened to escalate the situation and detain any person in Al-Lojaa area.

Moreover, dignitaries of “Al-Mafa’alany” Tribe in Nahita Town eastern of Daraa gave a period of 24 hours to the kidnappers in order to release him, where the “Eighth Brigade” and local groups would interfere and liberate the child by force in case he was not released.

This comes in light of the ongoing security chaos in Daraa province.

On February 11, an armed gang kidnapped a 15 year-old child in Al-Lojaa area near Jadal Village north eastern of Daraa, while he was going with his father to work, where the gunmen fled with the child to an unknown destination and his fate remained unknown.