The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Daily death toll | Seven persons killed on February 17 across Syria

Further details of fatalities, documented by SOHR, can be summarised as follows:

A member of the 17th Division of the regime forces was killed in the explosion of a landmine planted by ISIS cells, near a military checkpoint of the 17th Division in Al-Tabany Desert western of Deir Ezzor.

A civilian was beaten to death during his visit to his relative in Al-Mazzah neighborhood in the capital Damascus within regime-held.

A member of State Security Department was killed in mysterious circumstances, where his body was found with gunshot wounds and dumbed in an agricultural land in Al-Qamishly countryside in northern Al-Hasakah.

Two individuals were killed in stray bullets in armed clashes with light and medium weapons erupted in Al-Rastan city in northern Homs countryside between members of Rapid Intervention Brigade of pro-Iranian the 47th Brigade and an armed group affiliated with Al-Ba’ath Battalion.

A civilian working in herding sheep was murdered by a group of thieves, who tried to steal his sheep, after one of them hit him on the head with a rock and killing him immediately, in Al-Sora Al-Soghra Town in northern Al-Suwaydaa countryside, while the thieves fled to an unknown destination.

An 11 year-old child was killed due to the explosion of a metallic object of war remnants, while he was playing with it in Al-Tuwaimin Village south eastern of Al-Hasakah within SDF-held areas.