The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Without knowing charges pressed | Regime forces arrest civilian and his son in a town in Rif Dimashq

Rif Dimashq province: A joint patrol between the State Security and the Military Security stormed several houses in Al-Marj Neighbourhood in Falita Town in Al-Qalmoun Al-Gharby, arbitrarily arrested a civilian and his son and took then to a security centre, while their fate remains unknown.

On February 9, members of a patrol of military intelligence branch arrested a young man from in front of his house for unknown reasons in Hafeir Al-Fouqah town in Al-Qalamoun area in Rif Dimashq, where his whereabouts and fate remained unknown.
It is worth noting that the arrested young man had struck a reconciliation deal four years ago and he did not belong to any military formations.