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Including a regime soldier | Bodies of three smugglers delivered by Jordanian authorities to regime security services, after having been killed on Syria border

SOHR sources have reported that the Jordanian authorities have delivered the bodies of three smugglers, including a regime soldier, to Syrian regime authorities, after having been killed by Jordanian army on the Syria-Jordan border, while attempting to smuggle illicit drugs from Syria to Jordan.


It is worth noting that the Jordanian forces maintain the bodies of more smugglers, where efforts are underway to deliver them to the regime authorities in days.


According to SOHR sources, the Lebanese Hezbollah and regime-backed 4th Division run all smuggling operations of narcotics from Syria to Jordan, with the help of local smugglers.


The bodies were moved to Daraa national hospital, after having been handed over by the Jordanian authorities to the Syrian regime’s security services through Nasib border crossing.


Residents could recognize the bodies, where they found out that two bodies are of tribesmen from Daraa, while the third body is of a regime soldier from a tribe from Aleppo province.


On February 7, three smugglers were killed and a member of the border guards was injured during clashes on the Syria-Jordan border.


Also, five other smugglers were killed in clashes with Jordanian forces yesterday, February 18.


Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that five smugglers linked to the Lebanese Hezbollah were killed and four others were injured by the Jordanian border guards, while attempting to foil a smuggling operation from Syrian territory.


According to reliable SOHR sources, the smugglers were attempting to smuggle narcotics towards Jordan, where armed clashes erupted between both sides.


The Jordanian authorities continue their operations to pursue drug dealers and combat drug smuggling operations from Syrian territory towards Jordan through routes used for smuggling by smugglers linked to the Lebanese Hezbollah.


On February 7, SOHR sources reported that Jordanian border guards have foiled a drug smuggling operation from Syrian territory carried out by smugglers affiliated with the Lebanese Hezbollah in the eastern region near Syria-Jordan border in Al-Suwaidaa countryside, where armed clashes erupted between both sides, leaving three smugglers dead and a member of the Jordanian border guard injured.


It Is worth noting that the Jordanian border guard seized large quantities of narcotics during the operation.