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Ongoing demographic change | Turkish intelligence moves 50 families from Afrin to “Peace Spring” area

Turkish authorities continue to change the demography of areas under their control in Syria through seizure of the houses and properties of indigenous inhabitants and distribute them to militiamen of turksih-backed factions in order to resettle in these areas.


In this context, Turkish intelligence, in coordination with the Turkish-backed “Malek Shah” faction and “Al-Rahman Corps,” moved 50 families from Afrin to “Peace Spring” area. Those families, who had been displaced from Ghouta in Rif Dimashq, were resettled in houses of indigenous families, which had been seized by force by Turkish-backed factions.


Since Turkish forces and their proxy factions imposed their control over Afrin city and surrounding districts in north-western Aleppo under “Olive Branch” operation, they have been exerting diligent efforts to change the demography of the canton by committing violations and wreaking havoc with the aim of forcing indigenous inhabitants to leave the region and resettle families from other Syrian areas instead.


Ankara-backed factions, especially “Al-Hamzat”, “Al-Sultan Murad” and “Malek Shah”, supervise the process of distributing aid in the region, who in turn distribute it to their families, relatives and gunmen, and exclude needy families from aid.


The aid includes foodstuffs, blankets, stationery and other aid that did not reach the majority of families living in the area in light of the widespread corruption and tyranny of the Turkish-backed factions without any deterrent preventing them from committing further humanitarian crimes against Syrian civilians in the “Peace Spring” areas.