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Under eyes of Turkish forces | Turkish-backed factions continue robbing residents of Afrin and its countryside

Aleppo province: Turkish-backed factions in Afrin City have been felling forest and fruitful trees since 2018, to sell the wood and earn financial benefit.

On the same context, Jaish Al-Nakhba and Jaish Al-Sharqiya felled nearly 135 olive trees in Asteir Village in Afrin countryside and Maidanky Village in Shiran district in Afrin countryside, under the eyes of Turkish forces.

Meanwhile, Al-Sultan Suleiman Shah Faction that is known as “Al-Amshat” imposed large royalties that value from 1,500 to 5,000 USDs on residents of Kakhera in Ma’abatly district in Afrin countryside, and gave a period of few days to residents to pay the royalties threatening to arrest and fabricate charges of “dealing with the former Autonomous Administration” in case they refuse.

Gunmen of the “National Army” established a mobile checkpoint and robbed two civilians driving a car that distributes nutrition, and took their phones and 15,000 Turkish Liras.

On January 23, Pro-Turkey “Al-Sultan Murad” Division continues to cut down olive trees in Afrin city, amid public discontent among the residents in the region.

In this context, members of “Al-Sultan Murad” faction cut down nearly 150 olive trees, in the past few days, in the villages of Deir Sawan, Mersawa and Tel Tawil in Afrin countryside to sell them as heating logs.