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According to document between both sides | “Autonomous Administration” hands over 99 women and children of “ISIS” families in Al-Hawl camp to Kyrgyzstan Republic

Al-Hasakah province: On February 19, the “Autonomous Administration” handed over 72 children and 27 women of “ISIS” families in Al-Hawl camp, in the far south-east of Al-Hasakah, to a delegation from Kyrgyzstan Republic, according to an agreement document between the two sides, where a delegation from the Foreign Ministry of Kyrgyzstan visited the regions of north-eastern Syria, represented by the Ministry’s representative “Bakit Qadyrov”, and met with a delegation from the “Autonomous Administration”, represented by the co-chairmanship “Rubil Bahho”, and member of the administrative body “Khaled Ibrahim” and “Lana Hussein”, representative of the Women’s Protection Units. A conversation was held between the two sides about Fighting “ISIS” cells in Al-Hawl camp, and the Turkish attacks. The meeting ended with the handover of children and women to the delegation of Kyrgyzstan Republic.
On January 4, members of a military patrol of the Internal Security Forces “Asayish” arrested three women and two children of ISIS families, while attempting to escape from Al-Hawl camp in southeast of Al-Hasakah. They were taken to a security centre and their fate remains unknown.