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Assassination attempt | Unidentified gunmen open fire on convoy of  commander of “Free Syrian Army” Colonel “Farid Al-Qasim”

SOHR sources have reported that the commander of the “Free Syrian Army” Colonel “Farid Al-Qasim” survived an assassination attempt, after unidentified gunmen had opened fire directly at the convoy of the commander in Al-Rukban camp at the Syria-Jordan-Iraq border triangle, following his participation in an honouring ceremony for outstanding students in the camp. However, no information about his injuries.


This coincided with a state of high alert among the faction’s members in the camp.


The “Free Syrian Army” faction consists of thousands of fighters supported by the USA, where US forces supervise the military exercises of the faction to raise combat readiness of its members and strengthen their presence in the 55-kilometre de-confliction zone which hosts Al-Tanf base at the border triangle between Syria, Jordan and Iraq.


International Coalition Forces  appointed Colonel “Farid Hussam Al-Qasim” as the commander of the “Free Syrian Army” faction, which was previously known as the “Revolutionary Commando Army.” (Jaish Maghawer Al-Thawurah).


On June 24, 2023, SOHR sources reported that the International Coalition forces made the Colonel “Farid Hossam Al-Qassem” the new head of Jaish Maghawer Al-Thawra (Army), where he received his duties of February 4.