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After releasing kidnapped person for 400,000,000 Syrian Liras | Shogaa’ Al-Ali Gang kidnaps six civilians in Homs and demand large ransoms

Members of the gang of “Shogaa’ Al-Ali” kidnapped six civilians from Al-Ruston City in Homs countryside at the road between Homs and Tartous, while returning from Lebanon to Al-Ruston.

The kidnappers demanded 30,000 USDs, equivalent to more than 400,000,000 Syrian Liras to release them.

This comes days after a young man from Damr Neighbourhood in Damascus was released for 400,000,000 Syrian Liras.

The gang of “Shogaa’ Al-Ali” that is affiliated to the Lebanese Hezbollah released a young man from Damr Neighbourhood in Damascus, where he was kidnapped in Homs a few days ago, for a ransom of 400,000,000 Syrian Liras, which is nearly equal to the monthly salary of 1,000 officers of the regime.